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Why I'm Running.

Early has begun, voting information: In-Person Early Voting | Elections (

My name is Marcus Evans, and I am running for Virginia House of Delegates district 15.  My only intention is to offer the members of the community a choice in this election, early voting has begun and runs through election day on November 7.  I am asking for your vote and nothing more.  I am a retired Army Officer, a volunteer in youth sports, and a father of two Virginians that will one day start their own families in Fairfax.


Choice is only offered when bright, bold, distinctions are given:

The Government at all levels needs fiscal discipline, elected officials and bureaucrats need to find efficiencies within the State and Local Budgets. Their position is that of a steward, they don't get to treat voters like ATM machines and take more from your back pocket. Taxes are forcing families to make choices, the grocery tax takes food off our tables, ever increasing property taxes take money away from our retirement accounts and college funds.  The government needs to make tough choices within the budget, not Virginians about their future.  Taxes are necessary but increases in property taxes are impacting everyone's budgets at home.


Our schools are discriminating against Asian students as a matter of policy with admissions standards at TJ, test scores are dropping, and disciplinary issues are on the rise.  Democrats like Laura Cohen were on the school board when our schools began to decline.  Take the nonsense out of the classroom and teach children the fundamentals of an education and let them think critically for themselves.

Euphemisms like "gender affirming care" hide the reality of chemical sterilization and maiming of children through genital mutilation.  Adults make adult decisions every day, and our freedoms allow them to chart the path through life they choose and with whom they love.  For children, I believe they should be protected and not experimented on for political purposes, leave these decisions to them when they are adults.


Our police need the tools to keep our communities safe; opioids are showing up in our schools. Now our children are showing up in the emergency room, and the Democrats seek to bring the polices on crime of Baltimore, Detroit, and San Franciso to our state and communities.

This election is not a referendum on a candidate, the election is a referendum on what kind of community you want to live in.  This fall you have a choice what kind of future our community will share.


Paid for by the Committe Marcus for VA 15.



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